Wedding Photography SEO

It is vital now for a wedding photographer to really have a website but that alone is not going to be good enough to entice customers. With a lot of wedding photography sites seo photography is essential. Essentially SEO is the method of getting your site as close to the best of the search engines listings as you possibly can. SEO is usually divide into two parts - on page standards and off page criteria.

On page standards. Before any code is written, this method should ideally start. By calling what words a searcher might type because may be related to your business a key word search needs to be performed at this stage. So for instance, if you specialise in a specific type of photography including modern wedding photography subsequently "modern wedding photography" could be one set of your key word group. The more niche your marketplace the better. The place name in a key word group would even be significant, in addition, in case you primarily supply services in a specific place then. A keyword tool to signify how many times a key word collection was sought and exactly what the contest is for this search is provided by Google. So after selecting your key word groups its time to design your website.
When picking your domain name try and get your top listed key words in the domain name if that's possible although with wedding photography this could be tough to do. Your index page is the most crucial when creating pages. This page needs to be titled making use of your top key words and the text inside this page needs to possess a great sprinkling of those key words however do not overdo it. Headings on this particular page also needs to contain these key words. Other pages should normally follow the same process as with the index page but with other key words being used related to that particular page. These pages unlike the index page is going to have if possible use your key words in this extension and a URL extension. Other standards that are significant would be to have your key words within the pictures alt tags and the meta tag description.